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Today, embedded engineering is considered as heart of all the technical rich products and is becoming more and more prominent in our next generation products and further, robotics / embedded industry will contributed significant inputs to the development of other industry sectors like automobile, aerospace, energy, industrial automation, consumer and service products As most statistics say what IT was in 90's is where robotics / embedded systems stands now. And also, there is expected to be a growth of around 90% software developers by 2018, when compared with today's 2.75 million software professionals. This is a clear sign of huge demand of engineers with practical knowledge of embedded system / computational concepts. India is now looking at an electronics manufacturing industry the size of $400 billion by 2020, from $70 billion now*. It is time for all the young engineering to en-cash this opportunity and be part of next big technology. The future is bright for India with it being considered to be the next embedded systems hub in the world. To bridge the gap between these industrial requirements and the present academic content, our hands-on-sessions are structured to introduce the student to the core of embedded systems, robotics and computation concepts from scratch and encourage students to create their own projects. At MAIT we set up the programming, Robotics, and STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics) lab by Samta Purushottam Agrawal Memorial Foundation as a part of the smart learning initiative. The initiative will give the primary boost to the Smart Education wherein students practically engage themselves in programming and developing various sciences & robotics related projects and also enhance various life skills like logical, analytics, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills during the process. Students will get an inspirational experience of working on advanced robotics equipment in a systematic pedagogy and students will also get knowledge on programming along with a technical and logical aspects of programming. It starts out with the very basics of electronics and programming, and goes on to prepare an objective robot using the provided kit. These sessions help students to the work on intricacies and challenges involved in solving real world problems. 70% of our training programs are based on hands-on-sessions which guarantee that each participant gets required amount of exposure to head start his career with robotics/ embedded engineering which is rapidly growing and contributing substantial input to India's growth.

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MAIT Features & Benefits

  • Key Features

    Key Features of Program:
    • 70% of hands on learning.
    • Well researched material.
    • Comprehensive training with practical approach.
    • Increases Employability Skills.
    • Addresses Key Life Skills.
    • Economical.
    • Industry Recognition.
    • Exposure to the Global industry workforce.
    • Hands on experience on industry standard tools, processes and systems

    Benefits for Students

    Benefits for Students:.
    • Makes student an active learner..
    • Helps the students understand programming in a much easier way..
    • Boosts their confidence levels..
    • Strengthens research & problem solving skills..
    • Develops logical and analytical abilities..
    • Help students to develop Science & math Intuition..
    • Builds self-thinking which results in clarity of thought..
    • Allows them to explore new technologies..
    • We help them differentiate between theoretical studies with practical intelligence..
    • Overall development of personality and organizing skills..
    • Introducing them to current advances in technology.

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23 aug 2016

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